Fire Rated Doors for Singapore Homes and Businesses

Highest level of safety for your family or employees, ensuring that your premises are fire-retardant is a crucial step for any business-owner or home-maker. Fire rated door can be adequately equipped to suppress or minimise the spread of a fire within it, so that escape way can be made accessible.

A huge range of doors fire rated up to four hours

No fire suppression system is complete without a fire rated door from Siong Door. Our company supplies doors rated for exposure between 0.5 to 4 hours. Made on-site at our facility in Singapore, these fire rated doors are available in variety of styles, colours and trim, adding stunning effects to any homes or businesses. Every door will be issued with a Class 1A certification and sticker.

Suppliers and manufacturers of functional, beautiful Formica, Nyatoh and veneer doors

Whether you’re looking for something ultramodern and contemporary to suit your home, or are taken by traditional stylings, we can help. We provide a literal turnkey service, by helping to choose the best door for your property’s colour scheme and safety standards, accompanied with installation services for our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Founded as a door installation service provider in 1992, Siong Door has more than two decades of on site experience therefore we are able to assist with any troubleshooting or unique requirements. Whatever your circumstances, we can ensure that your property has a safe, fire rated door that complies with the required safety regulations.

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