Durable, Reliable High-Tech Digital Locks from A Singapore Expert

Give your family or your employees the best possible protection. Go beyond the traditional lock-and-key with Siong Door’s range of cutting-edge security systems. Our growing range of products represent some of the very best on the market, often providing keyless entry via fingerprint-reading, pin code, smart tags or even authorised mobile phones.

Quality digital locks for your home or business

These provide not just security but versatility. Many of our models feature multiple methods of entry – all of which have to be authorised by the owner. In the event of someone losing their smart tag, some of our locks allow access to be granted remotely to someone’s mobile phone. For total peace of mind, most models come with often multiple copies of a mechanical back-up key, allowing entry in the result of a dead battery or loss of other methods of entry.
It’s not just businesses that can benefit from the superior protection of our security systems. Many home-owners love the convenience of keyless entry and appreciate the rugged design and resilience to forced- entry our products provide. Protect your place of residence and your loved ones with products from Siong Door.

Digital locks that perfectly suit our stylish, functional doors

Siong Door offers complete solutions to your personal or commercial needs. We make it easy to get a stylish, well-made door. Whether you’re looking for a fire-rated door that doesn’t sacrifice looks for functionality or a solid timber door for that traditional look, we have you covered.

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