Timber Wooden Doors from A Leading Singapore Manufacturer

Dependable, affordable, sophisticated and never out of style. Siong Door provides an extensive range of wooden doors to suit any property. Always in demand by businesses, a wooden door lends professionalism and an air of elegance to a business. Home-owners can also take advantage of the unique characteristics of these products, adding warmth and class to any house.

We encourage you to browse our selection of timber swing, sliding and bi-fold doors and discover something that completes the unique look of your home or place of business. A proven product used by many families, our company has been proud to offer this range since founding. Durable and providing good sound insulation, these wooden doors an excellent choice for your property’s main or internal entranceways.

Make our products your own with glass panels, bi-fold doors and more

After you’ve made your decision, customise your favourite choice further with the addition of glass-panels, pet entrances and more. If you’ve found a door that you like but would prefer it with a different mechanism, we can convert it to a sliding door or add a bi-fold options.

We offer you complete freedom regarding the final look of your product. Our complete range can be stained to different wood tones like Teak, Walnut, Cherry, Rosewood, Mahogany etc, offering a natural look. We also provide painting services in a variety of colours but more often than not, white colour is the favourite colour offering a clean, minimalist look.

A complete range of laminate & timber folding, swing & sliding doors

Siong Door prides itself on the breadth and depth of our range and expertise. The selection of laminate, veneer ply and timber doors we stock are beautiful additions to any property. Our keen eye ensures that we provide only the best products, while our skilled tradespeople create pieces that exactly suit the needs of our clients.

Contact our head office today in Singapore and discover more about our company, our processes and our products. Enquire today and send us a message at or call us directly on 65 6844 1391.