UV Veneer Door – Going Green

+ Pt) UV lacquered – lesser Environmental pollution as compared to spray lacquered
+ Pt) UV Lacquered – thicker lacquer density because more coats and thicker density can be applied as the lacquer coating is cured immediately per UV lamp station on the production line.
+ Pt) Thicker Lacquer density – higher scratch resistant, smoother finishing surface
+ Pt) No painting on site, no worries on chemical residue during curing time.
+ Pt) No sanding on site – small particles from sanding is the hardest to clean up
+Pt) Using lesser wood – replacing with material like calcium silicate which is used in fire rated main door.
+Pt) Lesser wood – lesser chance of door warping and pest infestation in future
+Pt) Full Solid – Better durability, Sound insulation (option with frame and drop seal)

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